Chrome cookies are going away. How should hotels rejig their digital engagement?

Google has a definite plan in place through its Search and Google Business Messages. And quite possibly through Google Search Ads too if an upcoming pilot goes well.

  1. The 2022 release of Chrome browser will not use third-party cookies to track user data.

    How are your hotels going to target travelers without access to this data?

  2. Since you cannot track visitors to your sites, how can you engage with travelers with intent to book a room?

    Well, there is a way forward.

  3. You can use Google searches to engage with travelers with intent. The Google Business Messages Platform is now fully integrated with Google Organic Search.

  4. Travelers who find your hotel property on Google search can now seamlessly message the property from the search results listing.

  5. Unlike cookie-based tracking, this comes with the additional benefit of your hotel knowing who the traveler is.

    And once the traveler engages with your hotel, you get a 30-day conversation window with the traveler. 

  6. If you are one of those overzealous hotel brands chasing travelers with your re-marketing ads, that may be stopping soon.

    Instead, travelers could enjoy a more  personalized customer experience with your hotel.

  7. Google is also launching its Project Messages Pilot in Q2 2021.

    The ad on the left: User tapping on the message extension of the add initiates a messaging session with your business. The ad on the right: User tapping anywhere on the ad initiates a messaging session with your business.

    Where businesses can now have customers messaging them straight from their Google Search Ads. 

  8. Hotels and brands wanting to become part of the pilot program can go here to Register.

    Register for Google Ads Pilot

    If you would like us to assist you with this program, please enter Cordiant Technologies and Dennis Paul as Your CRM, Customer Experience, Social, Messaging, Chatbot partner(s) and their lead contacts.

    Cordiant Technologies is a Google Business Messages Partner.

  9. More than 75% of the people today prefer messaging a business to making a phone call or sending an email. 

The old way of tracking prospects through browser cookies will soon be gone.

Instead, make your hotels Just a Message Away for your guests and see how revenue starts streaming in through multiple messaging channels like Google Business Messages, FB Messenger, WhatsApp and Apple Business Chat.