When Your Hotels Are Just a Message Away: Cord.travel ROI Calculator

Brand new revenue channels independent of the traditional. Re-market and upsell through personalized conversations. Auto-capture every single prospect, along with their nuanced intent.

With Cord.travel, your hotels are Just a Message Away for travelers.

They book rooms. And buy ancillary services. Through simple messaging.

When you deploy Cord.travel Conversational Commerce for your hotel property:

  • You open up brand new revenue channels independent of the traditional

  • Which get you more direct bookings

  • And results in zero OTA payouts for these bookings.

  • You also auto-build a self-expanding database of prospects who have a clear intent to book/buy

  • To whom you can re-market and upsell through personalized conversations.

  • Your Google Ad Spends deliver substantially more ROI as you know exactly who is clicking on your ads and engage with them instantly (coming soon). Sign up for this Google initiative here

  • And to top it all, you deliver a massively enhanced guest experience across the stay life cycle.

Here’s a snapshot of the ROI delivered by a Cord.travel Conversational Commerce deployment for a hotel chain/ management company operating 50 select service hotels.

You can use the link below to compute the ROI for your own Chain/Group.


A COPY button will appear.

Use the COPY option to create a unique, secure copy of this Google spreadsheet inside your Google Workspace.

You can change the values in the yellow cells and see how it works for your chain/ management company.

To learn more, visit www.cord.travel.

Make that decision to deploy Cord.travel Conversational Commerce.

And open up brand new revenue channels for your hotels, independent of the traditional.