Why every hotel property should have an independent website

An independent website significantly enhances your property's digital footprint. It should load fast on the mobile and have messaging embedded so guests can message your property from the site itself.

  1. A 100-room hotel requires an investment of $ 21 million and upwards in most parts of the world.

    The question is, when you have invested that much and more, why do you skimp on its  digital?

  2. Why does your multi-million $ hotel property not have an independent website presence?

  3. And why should you confine your property’s primary web presence to a few pages of your franchise’s booking site?

  4. When your property is listed on your chain’s booking site, it’s just a listing in a “gated marketplace”. It  doesn’t give your property an identity of its own.

  5. When even a mom-and-pop store has an independent web presence these days, doesn’t your hotel property deserve a stand-alone web presence at the least?

  6. A 2021 model website that loads blazing fast on the mobile can do wonders for your property. 

    This website should also have a messaging entry point for guests to communicate directly with your property. Through the likes of FB Messenger, Google Business Messages, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat. 

    Because more than 75% of the people today prefer messaging a business than making a phone call or sending an email. (Source: @conversocial)

    And they want to do this without having to download one more app onto their phone.

  7. Lots more people than ever before research a property thoroughly before they book. 

    With this growing accent on leisure travel, they want an enriching travel experience wherever they go. 

    No chain booking system helps them discover those local experiences well enough. 

    1. Not to forget, 7 out of 10 people who find your property on Expedia or Booking.com will google you before they proceed with the booking. 

    A well-designed website that loads fast on the mobile and actively promotes guest engagement through messaging could flip a fair number of those post-OTA searches into a direct booking with your hotel. 

    9. At Cord.travel, we are seeing close to 50% more direct enquiries generated  for properties that have an independent website and with a messaging entry point when compared to those that have just ‘pages’ in their chain’s gated marketplace.

    With an independent website for your property, you are increasing the number of entry points for guests to message you directly. Ask granular questions about your property. Book direct. And buy ancillary services.

    10. If you operate a hotel property, launch a great website irrespective of how big your franchise is. 

    A website enhances your property’s digital footprint and it makes it significantly easier for guests to search and find your property and engage directly with you.

    11. Even a 1% increase in bookings at a 100-room select service hotel can bring in an average of $7560 additional revenue each month. That is $90 K+ each year.

    Do the math for your property and get going. 

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